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Client Testimonials

What our clients are saying

Client Testimonials

Here are a few samples of what our clients are saying about twin valley wellness clinic

       I went to Shane Giorio at Twin Valley Wellness after knee pain made walking, let alone training, very painful. After 3 weeks of limping around hoping the pain would subside, one visit to Shane had me back training pain free. Shane was able to quickly assess and address the problem and get me back on my bike. I now make Twin Valley a regular part of my training regime so that I’m not forced off my bike again.

Catharine Pendrel,
2X World champion and Olympic Bronze Medalist Mt. Bike

     Both my husband and i have ben seeing Jessie regularly for the past few years and we just love her. We have recommended her to several of our friends and co workers as she does such a great job! She is one of the best RMTs i have ever visited. Jessie is professional, competent and excellent at her job.Jessie is someone who listens to your needs and is able to hone in on areas of trouble to help you get you the best possible treatment. Jessie is good at helping with ongoing therapy outside her office, such as stretching exercises, how to use heat/cold thearpy appropriatly.

A&T McIntyre

     I have sought out massage therapy treatments from Christine VanSolkema, RMT to help me cope with neck and back issues, which are sometimes aggravated by “life”.Christine understands our busy existence and always offers great support and preventative treatment suggestions.  I sense education is important to her, and she is genuinely focused on helping people improve their overall health.  I have recommended Christine to others and have received predictable positive feedback.I also highly recommend using Twin Valley Wellness Clinic’s online booking service to secure an appointment.  Thank you, Twin Valley Wellness Clinic, for offering such an easy and efficient way to seek and receive treatment.

Deanna MacDonald

     Shane has always gone out of his way for me. He has saved me from pulling out injured of a few fights now. I havnt found a better RMT. Lots of kamloops top athletes search him out for a reason!!! 5★★★★★

Matt Baker


     I have been a client of Jessie for about two years. Before I came to her for a back injury, I only used massage on an "as needed" basis. Now, it is part of maintaining my overall health. Jessie has helped me with back and hip pain, tendinitis, and was instrumental during my pregnancy. My husband has a physically demanding job and is completely satisfied with the progress he has had with Jessie since he began seeing her a year ago. An extremely competent practitioner, her use of massage and prescription of stretching exercises continue to help me daily. She is down to earth and develops strong therapeutic relationships with her clients, which is why I consistently recommend her to anyone looking for an RMT.

M&T Wade


There are several reasons why I would recommend Shane for massage treatment but the ones that stand out for me are (1) how highly regarded he is in the general medical community which allows him to work closely with other professionals and obtain the best possible overall treatment, (2) the depth/strength of his treatment and (3) the passion he has to solve the issue and have the patient experience a full recovery.

Cheryl McDonald


     As a long time client of tvwc RMT Jessie Lynxleg, I am honored to be giving this testimonial. My work involves a lot of sitting in front of a computer most of the day, as a result causes neck and shoulder pain. I started my treatments with jessie every two weeks and now i am down to once a month as she has been able to help me manage the pain.

Marcia popoff